About Benefit

Benefit Group, Sales Generator

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial, retail and sales promotion marketplace, Benefit Group specializes in two main channels:

Benefit Sales: Establishing and running large-scale sales systems at large business corporations’ sales points. Benefit heads sales systems that include over 400 employees throughout the country. Our experience allows for in-depth entry into the organization’s sales operations and merging with it for many years, to maximize the company’s revenues from its contacts with consumers.

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Benefit Trade: Constructing and installing sales aides at sales points (commercial chains) throughout the country to grow our customers’ transactions.

Our background in sales and marketing and our in-depth relationship with the consumer upon arrival at grocery and pharmacy chains enable us to launch unique campaigns for our clients at sales points.

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The combination of professional strategy, original ideas and a strong sales system is what gives the company’s clients winning results, as evidenced in sales.

Benefit, one of the largest sales promotion companies in Israel, has services the largest companies on the market with large-scale sales projects for over 20 years. Our experience in utilizing salespeople to increase our customers’ sales is what makes our company in the Israeli retail and business world.